Westlinks Golf gives back to the community

It’s no small feat to prepared Christmas dinner for 350 people but, at Westlinks Golf and Country Club, it has become a tradition … a tradition that helps others through the Salvation Army Food Bank.

(L) Salvation Army Major Connie Armstrong, Westlinks owner Rod Rice and Chef Richard Lourie

On Wednesday, December 19th, Westlinks’ Chef, Richard Lourie and his staff prepared enough food for three sittings.  What does it take to host a dinner for 350 people?

It takes:  200 lbs. of turkey; 80 lbs of ham; 150 lbs. of potatotes; 50 lbs. of carrot and another 50 of turnip; 10 gallons of gravy.  All that doesn’t count the decadent desserts!

The dinner by donation raised an incredible $5,851.85 that was presented to the Food Bank’s Major Connie Armstrong by Westlinks’ owner, Rod Rice and Chef Richard Lourie, for the Christmas Kettle Campaign.


“Our family has always supported the Salvation Army elsewhere,” said Rice, “and when this opportunity came up to help, we felt it was the right thing to do.”

Chef Lourie said that several thanks had to go out to the Rice family, the staff at the Club and also Flanagan’s Food Service for their contribution. “Last year, we were able to donate $5,000 and that number is up thanks to the generosity of this community.”

Major Connie Armstrong said that it is amazing what the community gives.  “This has become an opportunity for everyone to become part of a bigger move to help others less fortunate.  Westlinks is wonderful to do this for the community.”