What it takes to be a Host Home for Ukrainians

A request for host homes for Ukrainians has prompted an information package to be developed by the local committee that has been formed, that may help for those wanting to know what is required to become a host.

Guests from Ukraine are offered a two-week stay in a hotel once they arrive in Canada paid for by the government to isolate and settle. The government has also stated they would be assisting people from Ukraine for the first six weeks with short term finances but, at this time, the Committee is not sure what that means.

  • A Host House is a temporary residence for a single person or family from Ukraine, this can be an apartment, shared home or a private room.


Stacey can host a single female and can provide a private room and bathroom with shared accommodations

John can host a single adult and child and provide two private rooms with shared accommodations


  • Host Homes can decide how long they can offer a space according to their circumstances and the need of their guest. Hosts are asked to be upfront about how long they can provide a home for from the start. Some guests may need a few months and some may require up to a year.


  • Stacey can provide a residence for 8 months Rent Free.
  • John can provide a residence for 6 months Rent Free, John would then charge $500 per month for any additional months needed for up to 1 year.


– Host Homes may be required to provide food/necessities for their guests while they find employment and save up funds of their own. Hosts are asked to be upfront on what they can and can not provide for free and what they would expect be paid by the guest(s).


  • Stacey can provide her guest(s) with food and basic necessities for 4 months.
  • John can provide his guest(s) with basic food necessities for the first month.

The Committee will work with the community and volunteers to help offset costs associated with Hosting and expenses. As this is a volunteer run initiative, we can not guarantee specific assistance. We will be attempting to collect donations and gift cards to assist the Hosts/Guests in obtaining basic needs until they are set up and able to find employment.


  • Hosts may be needed to assist their guests with accessing services within the community such as : Setting up bank accounts, getting to the grocery store etc.
  • Hosts can assist their guest in connecting with employment opportunities within the area.
  • Most guests will be looking to find employment soon after settling in to Canada.
  • Guest will not have access to a vehicle once they arrive in Canada and may require transport to and from work or appointments depending on the situation.
  • Things your guest will want to do upon settling into your home. 1) Get a SIN number 2) Set up a Bank Account 3) Look into Health Care Services 4) Employment 5) Enrol children in school or child care.


  • Potential Hosts can connect with Ukraine Families or people on Facebook at Canada- Host Ukrainians / Hebergeons les Ukrainiens . This is a group where people from Ukraine have been posting about their pending arrival in Canada and looking for temporary accommodations.

– Saugeen Shores Hosts can communicate with other Saugeen Shores Hosts and Volunteers on the Facebook Group: Saugeen Shores & Surrounding Area Hosts for Ukrainians Support & Info. Here we have volunteer members willing to provide โ€œWelcome Basketsโ€ of necessities for people or families coming to the area.

– At this time there is no government funding for Host Homes but fingers crossed something changes to assist us in helping others.