Winter outdoor activities expand at SDSS in Port Elgin

When Saugeen District Senior School (SDSS) teacher, Keith Day, wanted to started a school Nordic cross-country ski team and to make outdoor skiing and snowshoeing accessible for all students, he turned to Mowbray’s Canadian Tire and the JumpStart program.

“We were only too happy to help,” said Mike and Eleanor Mowbray. “We think all kids should have access to outdoor activities, whether or not their families can afford the equipment.  So, when Keith approached us, we provided 25 pairs of cross country skis and poles and, most recently, 12 pairs of snowshoes.”

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                  (Centre L) teacher Keith Day, Eleanor Mowbray and Mike Mowbray (Centre R)                                                                                                 For larger view, CLICK on IMAGE
Mike Mowbray (L) and teacher Keith Day discuss the new snowshoe technology  

Day said that there a students who are unable to manage skiing and the snowshoes will make a huge difference.  “We have equipment that will meet student needs for the next 10 years and the generosity of Mowbray’s Canadian Tire has removed the financial hurdle.  This is an opportunity for students to try a sport that they may never have had the chance to do.”

It didn’t take long for the DL students to try out the new snowshoes and they have already been out twice on them.









The equipment is now kept in a dedicated room where everything is labelled and there is a wide range of boot sizes.  An avid skier himself, Day is also able to install bindings and teach the students how to maintain the equipment.

                       Dedicated equipment room

The SDSS ski team recently took part in meets outside of Collingwood (ON) and at Hepworth giving the members an opportunity to take part in competitive skiing.

Canadian Tire JumpStart is an initiative started by Canadian Tire to help families who may experience difficulty when it comes to having their children enrolled in extra-curricula activities that include sports of all kinds for a healthy lifestyle.

“If there is a family or school having difficulty in helping young people take part in organized sports, Jump Start can help.  It is a program that is near and dear to our hearts,” says Eleanor Mowbray.  She explains that a family simply has to call the store in Port Elgin (519-832-6995), or drop in and talk directly with hers and Mike.  “This is entirely anonymous,” she adds.  “In many instances, we don’t even meet the family.  Also, the funds are available for each child not just a sum for the family.  We believe that giving youth the chance to participate in extra-curricula activities promotes quality of life for everyone.”