WOAA Hockey is cancelled for this winter

Dave Black, Acting Chairman of the W.O.A.A. has issued a statement cancelling Senior Men’s Hockey.  “The impact of the Covid-19 outbreak has created a unique situation that is still evolving; the W.O.A.A continues to work with its Senior Hockey Committee and
participating Senior Hockey teams to prepare for the return to regular competition.

However, the W.O.A.A. Senior Hockey membership held their Annual Meeting
last evening, September 24,2020 and at that time a motion was moved, seconded and
carried “… that collectively as members of the W.O.A.A. Senior Hockey League a
decision was made that there would be NO playing season for 2020-2021 hockey
season. It will be the responsibility of each member team to remit their 2020-2021
insurance premium and the W.O.A.A. registration fee.”

The W.O.A.A. Senior Hockey records show that the program began in 1948-49
and has run continuously for seventy-two (72) hockey seasons. We are hopeful that
2021-2022 will see the return of regular competition in our Senior Hockey League.

At this time, the W.O.A.A. would like to take this opportunity to thank all our
Senior Hockey participants, team officials, game officials, executives, league sponsors,
fans and valued volunteers for their past and present support.”

President of the Saugeen Shores Winterhawks says that, “The recent increase in cases in the province made it increasingly apparent the provincial government will not be easing restrictions to the point where it would make sense for us to take the ice this season.

Looking at the perspectives of both safety and finances, we could not possibly operate in a manner that would ensure the prosperity of our organization or league as a whole.

We are disappointed for our players, fans and sponsors, but we feel we have no other choice, given the information available to us.

We will continue to monitor the pandemic and fully intend to be on the ice for the 2021/22 season.”