Women’s House participating in the new Here to Help Campaign

Through participation in the #HereToHelpGB campaign, the Women’s House Serving Bruce and Grey is geared to reach out to those in the community who are being abused and/or feeling vulnerable and give them the support they need.
“At this time, with COVID-19 physical distancing and isolation measures in place, more people, including children, are stuck at home, but home is not always a safe place,” says Michelle Lamont, Community & Fund Development Coordinator. “The stressful pandemic context will also inevitably lead to more instances of domestic violence.  We, at Women’s House, are aware of the issues and potential for the increase in the number of women we may need to support.  This may mean increases in the number of residents while we are under the emergency orders, or afterwards, when orders are lifted, isolation is less stringent, and victims may be able to reach out more easily as their abusers leave the home more often.”
She adds that, “We are all working towards reaching out to those potential victims now, and finding a way to help them early.  So we are introducing our participation in the  #HereToHelpGB (Grey-Bruce) campaign to make it as easy as possible to find the help you need.”