Working together brings relief to the community

While maintaining ‘social distancing’, it is also important to help those who are vulnerable and one of those ways is ‘Meals on Wheels’ to provide nutritious meals to those who are isolated.

   (R) Martino Catalano, Mary Ellen Harrigan, Rotarians Neil Reid and Rob Hughes maintain distancing

On Tuesday, April 21st, two grocers in Southampton came together in solidarity with Southampton Rotary Club to ensure that more meals are made available.

                  Foodland owner, Martino Catalano (R) hands over the donation to Rotary President Rob Hughes –                                            from a safe distance – as Mary Ellen Harrigan and Neil Reid look on

While some might see them as competitors, Martino Catalano, owner of Southampton Foodland, and MaryEllen Harrigan, owner of Harrigan’s 100 Mile Food Market, didn’t hesitate to join forces in this challenging time.

Martino Catalano’s Southampton Foodland donated $1,000 to the ‘Meals on Wheels’ program to be disbursed through Southampton Rotary Club.  Mary Ellen Harrigan prepares the hot meals that are distributed throughout the local community.

“I wanted to help our local community during this challenging time,” said Catalano.  “Meals on Wheels is very important in ensuring that those who are struggling have nutritious dietary needs met through hot meals.  We have to work together in a time like this.”

Harrigan prepares approximately 150 hot meals every week, and sometimes more, that are delivered by volunteers.  “We have several organizations such as Southampton Rotary and community churches that each take a monthly turn to deliver the meals to those who can’t get out and who are in need. We provide the nutritious meals that include an entree and dessert and we ensure that special dietary needs, such as for those who are diabetic, are ensured.  All the meals are ‘home-made’. ”

Rob Hughes, Southampton Rotary President, said that the donation “… will go a long way to helping those who require the Meals on Wheels program, as there are some who simply cannot afford the meals on a continuing basis, and we are only to happy to help.”