Working together in collaboration during trying times

Members of Rotary and Friends of MacGregor Point Provincial Park collaborated on Saturday, August 29th (2020) to hold the first fundraising BBQ since COVID-19 restrictions began.

Although the BBQ was a fundraiser for the ‘Friends’, several members of  Rotary pitched in with manpower to operate the ‘Friends’ equipment to help out at the event.

The BBQ was held in Southampton at the Town Hall where many visitors stopped for the tasty burgers and hot dogs and to donate to Friends of MacGregor.

                                         The ‘masked Friends’ … were they smiling? hmmm … hard to tell!

“We had to apply under many restrictions,” said Pat O’Connor. “From the Police Service, the Town to Public Health, we had to reassure that we would be following all the health measures that have been put in place.”

John Cherrie was in charge of hand-sanitizing

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The collaborative effort was to raise funds for the Friends of MacGregor whose fundraising events, as with most non-profit organizations, have been struggling under COVID-19.

A final total raised has yet to be determined.