Youth encouraged to consider a future in agriculture

The Bruce County Beef Farmers, with its strong community roots in agriculture, is encouraging youth to consider a future in the industry.

Starting this spring, the ‘Aspiring to Agriculture Award’ will be awarded during grade 8 graduation ceremonies right across Bruce County. Staff at each of the 22 schools will choose a student that shows interest and aptitude in agriculture.

“The Beef Farmers want to celebrate the students that are interested in growing, interested in working with animals, interested in all the roles that keep our industry rolling. Agriculture is vital to our economy and we want students with an interest in Ag to be recognized and applauded for that. It’s a field that has lots of job opportunities waiting for them,” says Mike Jeffray, President.

The Bruce County Beef Farmer’s vision is that beef farming in Bruce County is socially, economically, and environmentally viable for future generations. Directors are looking forward to attending graduation ceremonies (when possible) and shaking the hands of the next generation.

The Bruce County Beef Farmers represent the beef farmers of Bruce County locally, regionally, provincially, and nationally.

They will be hosting the annual Beef BBQ on the third Friday of July (JULY 15) to raise funds to support their agricultural community and promote beef. For more information about the ‘Aspiring to Agriculture Award’, or this year’s BIG 50th BBQ, please contact