Kudos … and Nots! by ‘The Stix Man’

O’ Mike

Do not be ashamed!

Kudos 👍

I read your letter about your feeling ashamed. Listen here, “NO DAMN WAY”! You have done so much for Southampton, Saugeen Shores, First Nations, Bruce County, Ontario, Canada, North America and I believe beyond. You maybe missed out on your important input to this new project, Ontario Nuclear Innovation Institute (ONII) but I’m sure you are not the only one!

I believe there were a lot of people that really thought this was a “done deal”. I know I did. Honestly, I have not followed much of the action on this item because of that. This is the future, why not get on the wagon? Why not try to have it? Why not there, beside the museum, if it will work there? There are many on that “Maple Leaf” hockey team band wagon. 🎸🎺🎷🎻

As my sweet wife says, I ramble from one thing to the other, so hang on. Ill try to keep this about Mike and the Innovation Center (IC). I’m not a highly educated person but I hear Mike. (Remember, I told you I spent 8 years in a one room schoolhouse and graduated out of Grade 2. 🙂 When I read anything that he writes, I feel like he is speaking directly to me. I see him right across from me, sitting at a table in Armen’s Cafe drinking coffee, casually casting his vision on me. There has to be a Vision first, to accomplish something. Mike, you are on that list of important people that you speak of, in your letter. Your mind is always in overdrive.

You know it and I know it, that there is no other place like Southampton, Saugeen Shores.  I believe this. Port Perry, Ontario is like Southampton, in that its Main Street with older buildings ends up at the water but it does not have the same personality to me. When you mentioned the “Campus” view, I really liked the aspect. That part of Victoria St. would be earning a new name. With the Bruce County Museum & Cultural Centre (BCM&CC), G. G. Huston Public School (another place to be proud of), and a new Innovation institute, it would be the Past, Present & the Future. I can envision it.

Sure, there are questions – parking? height? how will it look in the surroundings? .. and more? I’m sure they can be answered and then move forward. When the word museum is spoken, we think of the Past. This is not totally true with our BCM&CC. Remember, the Cultural Center part and all of its activities. I feel that to have the Past, you have to move  forward to the Future first.

It reminds me of a bar in Florida. They had a sign out that said “FREE BEER TOMORROW”. The problem was that you could never catch up to tomorrow.

I said earlier that I had not followed this issue but the more I think about it and write about it, the more excited I get. If the questions can be answered, let’s not miss the opportunity to accommodate the Institute.  Something that strikes this little mind is all the vehicles and people that are in town for the annual Craft fair. That works out!

I live in Port Elgin now but have lived in Southampton. I ❤ South. Love should not be used for something tangible and it’s not that way here. It’s the feeling that you get here, from the people, the stores, homes, streets, water, beaches and all of it. It is such a warm comfy feeling, that I love.

Mike, you still with me? Your intelligence just shows when you speak or write on a subject. You convey it in a manner that us “blue collars “ can understand. You can also speak at the higher levels when needed to have things accomplished. It is of great value. What a great trait.

When we lived in South overlooking Fairy Lake (you know how I like to speak of this great gem, my mental spot I go to on my bad days), I would be walking the trail and meet you out jogging around the lake. You would stop sometimes and we would have a brief discussion. How enlightened I felt from those few minutes. Invigorating. Thank you. You would have a vision and I believe more than one at a time and, then, I believe you would formulate a plan. This would include talking to all levels of people. It would then HAPPEN. Every time I encountered you, I came away feeling smarter. Thanks, again. (although I have friends who might argue the point!:) )

I hope with more attention on this project and more people getting involved, that Bruce Power will come back to the conversation.

Mike mentions about the stores east of Albert Street such as Home Hardware, Armen’s and others. I remember when Cowling’s IGA & Weiss’ Taxi were along there and the Ambulance Service was run out of Weiss’ taxi. (I used it once. 🙂)

Mike gets a vision and makes it happen. Here is a short clip (about 12 mins.) that reminds me of Mike. The strange part is that it just came out, coincidence with his letter. There might be a second video of a 70 year old Russian man climbing. It also reminded me of Mike. What a body! 😉 The second one is in Russian so might not need volume.

How To Overcome Fear

I’ve used a few emojis today. I thought it was innovating and part of the future. Right? 👍😎🇨🇦. Can’t you feel their message?

& NOTs 😪

I’m not going to say much here except … Mike, don’t be so hard on yourself. Just look at the things in your letter that you have accomplished in your life. A long list. Please, keep looking after us.

The NO’s on the project might be right about some things but I would like to see the conversation re-opened with Bruce Power.

That warm comfy feeling is a little cooler and damper today in this Bruce County weather.

So until the next time, remember “SISS”

Keep”Smiling In Saugeen Shores”

See you out n’ about and say “Hello”.

                                                 “The Stix Man” 😎🇨🇦