Lives behind the Commemorative Banners: Part 2 – Port Elgin

This year, 2020, is the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II.  In commemoration, we wanted to honour those of Bruce County who immediately stepped up to serve when war was declared.

A recognized historian, G. William Streeter (Bill), in a daunting task, has researched each one of the young men who went to war, including their personal histories, service and medical records.

In recognition of the young local men who served and, for those who never returned, Saugeen Times is privileged to be able to host a series of most of their histories that will run through to November 11th, Remembrance Day 2020.

Harvey McArthur was born in Bruce Township in 1895. He enlisted in the 160th Bruce Battalion in February, 1916 and sailed to England in October. It wasn’t until April, 1918 that he finally arrived in France as a member of the 3rd Engineering Battalion.

Harvey’s battalion entered the fray during the most aggressive actions to remove the German army from France. By August, 1918, the push was on and the 3rd Engineers Battalion was a major part of the action.

He died on the 29th of August in the Battle of the Scarpe, near the French City of Arras when a bomb fell near his section. The story is told in the book “Heroes in Waiting” by Allan Bartley as told by Andy Robinson who was present at the battle.


Corp. E. Reinhart
Dies of Wounds
The Times received word on Monday night of the death of Emery Reinhart.
He was wounded on September 1st and died on September 16th.
His parents are now living in Stratford where Mr. Reinhart is in the hospital suffering a broken leg.
Sympathy from the people here will be extended to the family.
Emery is buried in the Mont Huon Military cemetery near the city of Le Treport in North West France.

                                         May He Rest in Peace

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