Saugeen Ojibway Nations Water Walkers Affirm their Traditional Territories

Water Walkers – file photo Saugeen Times 2021

Led by women from Nawash and Saugeen First Nations a group of ‘Water Walkers’ is following the boundaries of the traditional territories of the Saugeen Ojibway Nation.

Those boundaries include the Nottawasaga watershed in the east, the Maitland watershed in the south, up the coast of Lake Huron in the West to the tip of the Bruce Peninsula in the north and eastward back to the Nottawasaga River.

They are walking to honour the water that sustains us all in this part of the world and to seek guidance on the tests for a high level nuclear waste deep storage site near Teeswater and another energy project near Meaford. That project proposes to draw water from Georgian Bay to the top of the cliffs at the federal tank range and then release it to generate electricity.

Both projects will have a profound effect on ‘aki’ – the Anishinaabe word for land and the water and all the living beings who depend on both.

Please be respectful if you see them on the road.

The Water Walkers are currently on Highway 21 near Kincardine walking north to Port Elgin.