Town issues building permit for Port Elgin Beach CCV development

Following a contentious long-term issue surrounding a proposed development on Port Elgin (Saugeen Shores) main beach, final approval has been given after the Town provided a building permit for the project, known as Cedar Crescent Village (CCV), on March 29th (2023).

In June, 2022, a 50-year lease agreement, entered into between the Town and the developers, was finalized along with a Site Works and Services Agreement.

In November (2022), an alternate design concept was then presented to the Town and, at that time, Mayor Luke Charbonneau said “We’ve had an exciting plan in place for a long time to revitalize our waterfront. I’m thrilled that after a long delay, it is starting to move forward again. This development will boost our local economy, be a draw for visitors and residents and improve the overall quality of life in Saugeen Shores.”

The Town issued the permit on March 29th for the north phase of the development’s two future buildings, which according to the May, 2022 figures, will have a total ground floor footprint of more than 12,000 square feet.  The permit finalizes the structure’s design and drawings after meeting all appropriate building code regulations.  

The plans for the Village include a restaurant, commercial retail spaces including an ice cream store, market space, activity spaces and washrooms, to be located at the harbour at the Port Elgin Main Beach.

The building permit is the CCV’s latest regulatory milestone.  The project also received a Permit to Take Water in November from the provincial Ministry of Environment Conservation and Parks. 

The Cedar Crescent Village is a public-private partnership that, according to the Town, will serve as an anchor for the Town’s Waterfront Master Plan in Port Elgin.  In a recent media release, the Town said that “…the CCV development will allow the Town to make improvements to the Port Elgin Main Beach to make it more accessible, as well as providing more services at the waterfront.” 

Information on the CCV project — along with the relevant documents — can be found HERE