NEW Video – A large visitor peruses local Southampton neighbourhood

There was excitement in a Southampton neighbourhood when it had a large visitor of the furry kind yesterday, Monday afternoon (March 23rd).

Bear watching by the Beer Store in Southampton 🐻(We were in a vehicle, gave her lots of space, and kept other cars from driving by fast when she was on the road)

Posted by 44N Media on Monday, March 23, 2020


                                                                photos by Al Smiley

A black bear meandered through various backyards on McNabb and Creekwood Streets, no doubt looking for food after his/her long winter’s nap and paid a visit to Rotary Perkins Park.

Several residents saw the bear as he (?) perused the neighbourhood and along the Rail Trail before crossing Hwy. 21 and disappearing into the forest growth.

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                                                                 photo by Lori Thompson

This has been one of several sightings throughout Southampton and Port Elgin … watch your pets and be careful on the Rail Trail … it’s spring and nature is beginning to wake up.

    John Willetts then spotted him          trotting along Hwy. 21 near               Southampton Pet Hospital