Bicycles considered vehicles – obey the rules of the road

Police want everyone to know that bicycles are considered vehicles under the Highway Traffic Act (HTA) of Ontario. This means that a bicycle rider must obey all the traffic laws, just as the driver of a car or truck would.

Here are some examples of laws that pertain to bicycles:

  • Riders under 18 years of age MUST wear an approved helmet
  • Riders must come to a complete stop at controlled intersections
  • Lane changes, turns and signals must be indicated with hand signals
  • Lights and reflectors are required when riding during hours of low light
  • A sound signalling device is required (ex. Horn or bell)
  • A braking system is required

Riding a bike can be a fun and healthy activity that allows you to get some fresh air and exercise. Please follow the rules, share the road and ride safely.

Anyone interested in more information on bicycle safety can visit the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) website at