Chantry Centre founding member receives Lifetime Award


Last year, 2022, the Chantry Centre celebrated its 30th anniversary and, this year 2023, its founding member, Vicki Pickup, received a Lifetime Membership Award.


“The Centre would not exist if it weren’t for Vicki,” said past-President Sybil Mercer.  She explained at the 30th anniversary celebration that, “Vicki saw a need in the community and had a vision to see that a building could provide the answer.”

Also, at the 30th anniversary celebration, as part of that vision, Vicki Pickup also explained the history of the Centre and how it came to be.

“I’m honoured to received this Lifetime Award,” she said, “and I am so happy to see the Centre continue to grow for our seniors, who are an active bunch. They take part in the many activities that the centre offers and enjoy the opportunity to socialize and that’s what aging should be all about.”