Construction begins at G.C. Huston Public School

G. C. Huston Public School Principal, Hugh Morrison, was all smiles as renovations and construction get underway at the school in Southampton on Wednesday, July 3rd.

(L) Don Bloom (Project Mgr. with Bluewater School Board, Principal Hugh Morrison and Andy Smith (J.P. Construction)

Don Bloom, Project Manager for Bluewater District School Board (BWDSB), explained that there are going to be several changes and improvements at the little school in Southampton.  “It’s a good investment to upgrade the school and is money well spent given the population growth that’s taking place in town.”

Among the changes will be the addition of an elevator to improve access, repairs to the roof and mechanical and electrical as well as moving the playground, adding new tarmac with a painted basketball court, new steps at the amphitheatre and improvements to the building’s facade.  All lighting is being replaced with efficient LED lights and thermal values are being upgraded for cost savings.

J.P. Commercial Contractors Inc. of Owen Sound will complete the project in what will be a ‘whirlwind eight-week project’ said Bloom.  “There has been full consultation with staff, over what has taken a year, to complete the design.

The sheds located at the rear of the school have already been removed to improve sight-lines and the fence and gate at rear of the property are to be repaired or replaced to eliminate the opening and provide more safety for students.

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“It’s also a chance to coordinate the new playground with the renovations to the building,” said Principal Hugh Morrison.