Construction in 2023 hits all time high in Saugeen Shores

Last year, 2023, was a record year in Saugeen Shores when it came to construction.

Building value hit an all-time high of $315,271,137 which was more than double the previous record set in 2021 at $154 million.

The creation of new residential units has almost doubled the five-year average and, in 2023, Saugeen Shores recorded 621 residential units compared to the five-year average of 390 per year.

The report presented to Council on Monday (Feb. 16) informed and updated Council on the latest statistics and trends regarding the 2023 building permit numbers in Saugeen Shores.

The building numbers indicate the overall growth of the community.  Although there was a decline in the number of single-family dwellings, from 111 in 2022 to 73 in 2023, it was more than offset by the substantial increase in other forms of residential units.

  • The number of permits issued for multi-family residential units jumped by 1200% from 40 in 2022 to 481 in 2023.
  • The value of those permits was $174,115,388; a 900% increase over the 2022 value of $19,343,000.

It appears that more people are also undertaking additions and renovations.  In 2023, 63 permits were issued for a total of $7,804,880 compared to 69 in 2022 with a value of five million dollars.

The momentum in construction is anticipated to continue in 2024 and underscores the continued resilience and growth of the construction sector in Saugeen Shores.

For a detailed breakdown, visit “Saugeen Shores Building Division 2023 Activity Report” .