Firefighters compete in Scott’s Fire Fit

Scott’s Fire Fit hosted by Bruce Power at Port Elgin Beach on Saturday July 13th and Sunday July 14th, attracted hundreds of spectators to watch firefighters from across North America compete in timed events that focused on strength, endurance and overall skills.

They came from as far away as Oklahoma, Texas, Quebec and throughout Ontario to compete in the Northern Ontario Regional.

The Fire Fit Championships is a competition based on fire-fighting tasks commonly performed in emergency situations.

There were many different levels of Competitors, from the seasoned 10-year veteran to the first time rookies.

The Fire Fit Event is very demanding. Training prior to competition is imperative as there are a number of events that depend on fitness level:

  • FireFit Relay (3 – 5 person relay)
  • FireFit X3 (2 person technical relay)
  • FireFit Individual / Team (Team made of of 3 – 5 team members)

Each event is performed in full fire-fighting gear, including oxygen mask, which makes the competition even more difficult.

The competition begins by two competitors running up a 40 ft. tower while carrying 42 lb. weights.  Once at the top, they then have to haul up a 45 lb. weight and run back down ensuring that they come into contact with each of the 60 steps to avoid a time penalty.




Mike Gilbert, Fire Fit Champion for several competitions, demonstrates the Forcible Entry as volunteers watch

From there, it’s on to the Forcible entry evolution that uses a chopping simulator. Using the 8 lb. Trusty Cook shot mallet provided, the competitor moves a beam completely past a decal and, once this task is complete, the competitor must place the hammer on the designated 4′ x 4′ area to avoid a two second penalty.




Competitors then walk or run as fast as he/she can around obstacle course hydrants, a distance of 140 ft. and then shoulder the nozzle end of a 1.75″ fully charged Angus Hi-Combat hose-line.  They then drag the hoses and hit a target with a water stream followed by a Victim Rescue.

The Victim Rescue is the most taxing of all as the previous events are completed wearing an oxygen mask which makes breathing difficult.

The ‘victim’ is a 175 lb. Simulaids Rescue Randy mannequin that must be dragged backwards for a distance of 100 ft. Carrying the mannequin in your arms or over your shoulder is not permitted and timing stops when the competitor crosses the finish line with the mannequin.  Some competitors tried to achieve the last event but simply could not.



As host, Bruce Power also entered two relay teams in a ‘fun competition’ – the Young Nuclears vs the Executives,  Although it was a close match, the Young Nuclears won the event.

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