‘Go Fund Me’ set up for local music student

Help Josh realize his dream!


Josh Lesperance is a student at Saugeen Shores District Secondary School, and a gifted musician.  He has been accepted to the prestigious Eastman School of Music in New York.  Only 13% of applicants to this program are accepted each year.

The Eastman School of Music is one of the top universities for music in North America and one of the most recognized schools worldwide.  It is a small conservatory that has a strict focus on all aspects of music, with small classes and the ability to have individual instruction on a regular basis.  As well, there are many opportunities for performance and collaboration with others, and the school is committed to creating a challenging, yet supportive learning environment.

Unfortunately, the cost of attending such a prestigious institution is steep.   Josh has received a merit scholarship and is working part-time to help offset the cost.  He is applying to any scholarships and loans for which he is eligible; however, many of these are available only to students attending Canadian schools.   This leaves a large amount of his tuition and educational expenses uncovered.

The pursuit of a career in music is a dream Josh has long held.  In Josh’s words:

“We all have many dreams and wishes, and usually we don’t expect them to come true. That is why we call them dreams. But this is the chance to make my dream come true, and I don’t want financial restrictions to get in the way of that. This is a unique and prestigious opportunity and, for a kid from a small community to be offered such a position, is an incredible honour.”

Let’s rally and help Josh’s dreams of a continuing music education come true!

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