High school students encouraged to apply for Day of Mourning Awards

The Grey Bruce Labour Council is once again offering the 2022 version of the annual Day of Mourning Awards. This annual award is sponsored by the Grey Bruce Labour Council and is awarded to three high school students in Grey and Bruce who will be selected to deliver a presentation that shares, through their experiences, an awareness and knowledge of workplace health and safety issues.

The value of each Day of Mourning Award is $250 and all high school students in Grey and Bruce Counties are eligible to apply.

“The global pandemic has restricted the ability to present in person, but the Labour Council remains anxious for students to share their experiences,” notes Labour Council President, Kevin Smith.

Information is available on the Grey Bruce Labour Council site at:  greybrucelabour.wordpress.com Web address: Grey Bruce Labour Council Announces 2022 Day of Mourning Awards for High School Students in Grey and Bruce|The GREY-BRUCE LABOUR COUNCIL, Representing the Needs of Working People Since 1956 (wordpress.com)

The National Day of Mourning is recognized in over 100 countries today and was first recognized in Canada. Labour Council VP for Grey, Chris Stephen, tells that his home union, CUPE, was the first to bring forward the idea of solemnly taking a moment to “Mourn for the Dead and Fight for the Living” in the name of every worker injured, made sick or killed in the workplace.”

April 28th is the actual day of mourning, and many events of commemoration will take place on this day. Grey Bruce region will see events take place on the 28th and the 25th of April. “If the pandemic permits us to meet in person this year, we are hopeful that the creators of the stories/ essays/presentations will be able to present in person also,” says Labour Council Sergeant at Arms, Anna Morrison.

Submissions should be sent to the address in the information noted in the information above at the WordPress site. Closing date is April 18, 2022.