Landon Lorenowicz from Hepworth ends summer with two more medals

by Abrie JF Kilian
Head Coach and Program Director at Kilian Academy

On Saturday (6 August 2022), Niagara Falls Convention Centre played host to this year’s 2022 Great Lakes Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Open. Two athletes representing both Grey-Bruce County and Kilian Academy participated in the Open. Teenage Jiu-Jitsu phenom, Landon Lorenowicz, from Hepworth, represented both Team Nogueira Fighting Club and Kilian Academy together with teammate Scott Dixon.

“Landon Lorenowicz awarded his second bronze in the absolute division at the 2022 Great Lakes Open in Niagara. Photo by Abrie JF Kilian.”

The thirteen-year-old yellow belt Lorenowicz, participated once again in a combined Yellow, Orange and Green Belt division, and once more faced off against teenagers two years older than him. With Lorenowicz being the youngest in the 13 to 15 age brackets, the Ontario No-Gi Champion was unfazed by the age and skill gap. Landon secured bronze to his 2 golds and one bronze won earlier this summer. In the absolute division, a division with no weight limitations, Landon secured his second bronze at the tournament.

“You cannot train heart and Landon has shown this summer that he has both heart and the appetite for more. Lorenowicz is constantly being thrown into the deep end by having to face boys two years older and way more experienced than he is. What most people do not realize is that, at the age of 13 to 16, the puberty gap is massive and for a young athlete to compete and have success against those odds, is impressive,” said Abrie Kilian, Head Coach and Program Director at Kilian Academy.

(L) Scott Dixon – for larger view click on image


Landon’s teammate, Scott Dixon, won his first fight but was knocked out during the quarterfinals in the Adult Nogi White Belt Light Weight division. Dixon came in at 5th place at the Open.



“A martial arts journey is sweetened by medals; however, we do not journey to experience sweetness. We seek to discover more about ourselves through trials and tribulations and getting to know ourselves a little bit better each time, is reward enough,” said Kilian.