Liv-A-Little doesn’t give up when it comes to hope and health

For several years in Saugeen Shores, August has become known as ‘Paint the Town Purple‘ month as residents and businesses adorn their homes and buildings with purple bows.  The bows are purchased from various outlets with all proceeds going to the Liv-A-Little Foundation and a charity of choice.

It’s not about just the colour, it is about trying to find a cure for a rare disease known as ‘Cystinosis‘ and helping a little girl, Olivia Little, in her battle against it.

Also, each September, the community has come together for the Swing, Shoot and Liv Golf Classic tournament major fundraiser for research but, as with all other events this year, the crafty, cunning COVID-19 virus has forced its cancellation.


The Little family however, is not one to give up on their dream and hopes of finding a cure.

        (L) The Little Family – Chad, Erin, Olivia & Harper; (C) Hospital Foundation Exec. Dir. Tracy Murray and                                                           Wismer House owner Jeff Carver (all social-distancing)

The bows will still be offered for sale but, this year, with a difference.  Erin Little herself will be creating the bows with funds going toward Cystinosis research and a portion to the Saugeen Memorial Hospital Foundation.

In addition, Jeff Carver, owner of the Wismer House in Port Elgin has pledged to meet bow sales up to $1,000.  “I know from personal family experience how important it is to keep health care close to home.  Saugeen Shores usually holds a major ball tournament in the summer and we (Wismer) pledge monies raised at the event for the hospital and Liv-A-Little but, like the Liv-A-Little golf tournament, all the baseball was cancelled.  So, this is our way of still giving back.”

Bows Availability

Cash donations only at:
  • K Interiors, Goderich St., Port Elgin
  • Cathy’s Flowers and Treasures, Port Elgin
  • Re:mind wellness, Southampton
Can also be ordered through – or cell 519.386.5188
* Delivery can be arranged if required