May 5: The Liberation of Netherlands

Today, May 5th (2020), is the 75th anniversary of the official liberation of Holland (Netherlands).

“More than 7,600 Canadian soldiers, sailors and airmen died fighting in the Netherlands. They are buried today in official war cemeteries across the country. The largest, Groesbeek Canadian War Cemetery near the city of Nijmegen, holds the graves of more than 2,300 Canadians.

Canadians are fondly remembered by the Dutch as both liberators and saviours who rescued millions from sickness and starvation in 1945. The joyous “Canadian summer” that followed forged deep and long-lasting bonds of friendship between the two countries.

Every year since the war, the Netherlands has sent thousands of tulips to Ottawa, in appreciation for Canada’s sacrifice and for providing safe harbour to the Dutch royal family, who lived in exile in Canada during the war. The Canadian-Dutch bond is also celebrated every summer during the Nijmegen Marches — an annual, international military marching competition — at which the Netherlands’ liberation by Canadian soldiers is warmly and gratefully remembered.”  (Source:  The Canadian Encyclopedia)

On this day, we remember all those young Canadians who paid the ultimate sacrifice.  To follow the Liberation of Netherlands, we are pleased to once again present the four-part series by G. William Streeter … Canadian Army frees the Netherlands