New Program Coordinator joins Bruce County Museum team

Bruce County Museum and Cultural Centre has a new Program Coordinator.

Evan Vatri holds a Masters degree in Economic Development and Innovation from the University of Waterloo and an honours undergraduate degree in History and Dramatic Arts from the University of Brockton.

Coming with a wealth of experience from St. Catherine’s Museum, Simcoe County Museum and Fort George Historic Site, Vatri has a keen interest not only in history but in development and innovation that builds upon and regenerates a facility.

“I’ve always had a love of history,” says Vatri, “but I also think that a Museum is the right place for cultural events.  To me, a Museum is a bridge between the past and the future, science and history and the past with modernity.

For instance, this Saturday September 25th, we are hosting the Wine Tasting here at the museum in combination with an ice-cream tasting.  There will be six Ontario artisan wines with six ice-creams, that takes the conventional wine tasting and flips it on its head while showcasing the entrepreneurial talent in our area.  The ice creams are created in Paisley by Tomboi skilled artisans and the flavours will pair wonderfully with the wines.”

Vatri said that the Bruce County Museum is not only a destination for the excellent exhibits but also for the many events and interactive activities that it hosts.

“A museum should appeal to all ages from two to 98,” says Vatri. “For the younger set such as the two to five year old ‘Munchkins’, there will be the scavenger hunt, Find the Fairy’s Gold, on September 23rd and, for the scientific among young people, there is ‘When the Earth Shakes‘, a look at the science of earthquakes.

The next big event for adults is the after-hours Museum Mixer on October 30th.  “This is not especially a Hallowe’en event,” says Vatri. “‘Behind the Veil‘ is an introspection into Victorian spiritualism and the ‘realm beyond’.  Victorians experimented with technology such as cameras and seances and it all came into being by Queen Victoria following the death of her consort Prince Albert.”

The Mixer will include a variety of Victorian-flavoured events including tarot card readings, Nancy’s psychic medium services, learning what your higher self wants you to know with Carol Van der Maaden, Angel Therapist Practitioner and delectable foods by Bombshell Stella’s, a mobil food outlet that supports Wounded Warriors.

“One of the more exciting entertainment features will be the Breathing Dragon fire dancers and, for those who want to get into the Victorian ambience, we encourage Victorian fashion,” says Vatri. “This is going to be a unique event and, because numbers are limited due to pandemic protocols, we encourage ordering tickets early.”

Vatri stresses that the Museum is observing every Public Health protocol to ensure the health and safety of visitors.

“This is a beautiful area and I am so encouraged by the welcome that I’ve had here and am looking forward to help create programming that will interest everyone and every age.”