Portable beach washrooms a key for health during COVID-19 says reader

Council recently had a Special Meeting on Monday June 28th to discuss beach access.
Experts say that a beach is not the best place to be during the virus epidemic and that hand washing is also very important.
Several weeks ago, I communicated with a member of council, that with the high lake level, much of the dunes had been washed away in this area (Southampton), creating a much larger beach area.
My suggestion was that the usual practice of using “ Johnny on the Spots” (temporary washroom facility) at the beach should be replaced with a complete portable washroom, combined male/female, c/w running water, not requiring much more than a garden hose connection. These units can also be rented short term for the Summer season.
Beaches are a main tourist attraction in Saugeen Shores, lets stay abreast of the times.

Stay safe
Allan Murray