Saugeen Shores Mayor’s statement on former Prime Minister Mulroney

Like so many Canadians, I was saddened to learn last month of the death of our former Prime Minister, the Right Honourable Brian Mulroney.

Since his passing, we have heard time and time again about his bold actions and his grand achievements: his work to combat acid rain, his attempts to further unite the country, his loud – and often lone — opposition to South Africa’s apartheid regime, and his grand successes in opening foreign markets for the Canadian economy.

Perhaps more importantly, we have heard a united outpouring of sympathy and condolences from people of all political stripes and persuasions, often with fondness and emotion.  It reminds us that it is possible to disagree with one’s political opponents while still respecting them and, indeed, respectfully working with them for the public good.

Mr. Mulroney exemplified much of what we think of as “Canadian-ness”: possessing a work ethic and sense of personal responsibility combined with a good nature and desire for real personal connection.  He was a statesperson and a patriot, and he will be missed.

Out of respect for Mr. Mulroney and his family, I have ordered the Town flags lowered on Saturday for his state funeral.  On behalf of my fellow Council members and the residents of Saugeen Shores, I offer our sympathies and condolences to the Mulroney family and the Canadian people.

Luke Charbonneau
Mayor, Town of Saugeen Shores