Some people don’t seem to get it

In talking with many in the local retail sector, including those in grocery stores, there is much concern that people are not taking the advice of the health professionals who advise self-isolating.

One cashier said that she and others had served several people today (Tuesday) who had just returned from out of the country and stopped to do their shopping on the way home.

“I couldn’t believe it,” she said. “I asked one couple if they had been home in isolation for a couple of weeks and they said no, they were just now on their way home and stopped in for some groceries.  Sure, they may feel ok but they could also be carriers of this virus and here they are walking all over the store touching things.  It boggles my mind.”

In another store, the same scenario. “Several people came through here today (Monday) and two said they had just come back from France and were stocking up.  Why are these people not listening?  Why can’t they order their groceries.  Other people do it all the time.  We have to handle their money and they are just on the other side of the counter breathing.”

Why are people not paying attention and thinking of others, is the question?