Students’ orderly fire drill impressive

Shortly after a general school assembly on Thursday (Sept. 26) and after students returned to their classrooms, the fire drill alarm began.

Everyone, of course, was required to leave.  As a ‘visitor’ to the school, I followed students as they exited, pouring out of every exit doorway.

What impressed me most was the orderly exit of the students.  They filed out by classroom and each group appeared to have a designated area on the school grounds where they gathered with their teacher.

The teachers then took roll-call of each student and then met as a group to reconnoiter through a two-way radio contact with other teachers.

                              (R) Teacher Don Matheson takes roll call of his students
                    Teachers meet after roll-call is taken

Students waited patiently until the all-clear sounded, which was a bell ringing three times, and then the students filed back in to the school.

All in all, the students were extremely orderly and knew exactly what to do – very impressive.