100 Women Who Care continues in spite of COVID-19

One hundred (100) Women Who Care continues to move forward in their charitable giving in spite of COVID-19.

On September 19th, the group held its meeting by Zoom and were able to welcome 31 members and potential members:  Beth Douglas, Crystal Dove, Krista Gill, Brandee Cesar MacDonald, Monique MacDonald, Susan McDonald, Cathy McGirr, Carrie Porter, Leanne Schular, Christy Kelly, Micelle Jaynes, June Van Bastelaar and Mona Duffy.

The group is now at 53 confirmed members and hopes to reach 100 to maximize fundraising efforts.

At the Zoom meeting, Carolyn Laitinen from Home and Community Supports Services – Meals on Wheels Program said that the group’s donation has had a positive impact on their program and they were VERY grateful for this contribution.

The $4,000 donated has been used to offset an increase of 2.7% for frozen meals so that the increase will not be charged to people purchasing the meals until at least April, 2021.

100 Women Who Care donate directly to charitable organizations in need with no third party involved.

The group meets four times a year and each member donates $100 each time for an annual maximum of $400.  The group also votes collectively on the charity(ies) that are to receive the funds.  For more information on how the program works, click on the image below.

100 Women who Care – a simple and efficient concept

For more information on how to become a member, visit:  https://100womengreybruce.ca/contact-us