A week of fun at first Sports Camp hosted by SouthPort Family Church

South Port Pentecostal Church in Saugeen Shores has been a bustling hive of activity for the week of July 25th.

(L) Ret’d Police Officer Doug Lein was in charge of traffic and safety, Heather and Pastor David Baker,                                   Youth Leaders Justyn Schwindt and Ocean Rogers of Woodstock

More than 130 children, ages 4-12 attended the first Sports Camp where they took part in soccer, basketball and other activities, ending each day with song and dancing.

 Youth Leader Justyn Schwindt gets the kids excited with song

Youth Team Leaders from Woodstock kept the pace lively for the Camp participants and said they are already looking forward to next year and may possibly consider have a Camp that includes older kids.

The last day of Camp, Friday July 29th, was a celebration that included parents and caregivers joining the children for a BBQ.  While the children were upstairs in SouthPort Church, the adults were downstairs watching on a live-stream.

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                                                               Everyone invited to the BBQ

At the end of the Camp week, many parents and/or caregivers asked if the next year’s camp dates had yet been decided as they wanted to pre-register.