Author launches second in her series – ‘Memengwaa’ the Monarch Butterfly

Annishinaabe children’s author, Dorothy Ladd of Saugeen First Nation, is passionate about the Monarch butterfly, that she also raises and tags for research during the summer months.

She decided she wanted to share that passion, particularly with the younger generation, and created her first book, Memengwaa, Ojibway for the Monarch Butterfly.  She launched her first book at the Bruce County Museum & Cultural Centre last year (2023) and, since then, has given readings throughout the Bluewater School District pubic schools and Bruce County libraries.

Her first book, ‘Memengwaa’, with illustrations by artist daughter Jeannette Ladd and translation by Ojibway teacher, Marilyn Roote, features full colour illustrations explaining the life cycle of the Monarch, and is written in both English and Ojibway.  There is also a little added mystery, similar to the famous ‘finding Waldo series’.  Instead of Waldo however, the reader has to find the little turtle that hides on each page.


This year, Ladd has expanded with a second book that has become a part of the school curriculum.  Her second endeavour, is similar to the first with the exception that the colouring must be provided by the reader and the workbook portion also includes several exercises that continue to teach about the Monarch butterfly.

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In addition, to her new book, Ladd has also expanded to included a special ‘butterfly’ bag to hold the books, along with pins and stickers that feature the Monarch image.

Ladd launched her second book, again at the Bruce County Museum and Cultural Centre, on Saturday, March 16th, where she also gave a reading and explained the tagging process of the butterfly and its long flight each year to Mexico.

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Among those at the book launch was James Scongack, Bruce Power’s Chief Development Officer and Executive Vice President, Operational Services.  Bruce Power is helping with the distribution of the books to three area schools for students in Kindergarten to Gr. 6.

“These are delightful books,” said Scongack, who also purchased them for his own daughter and a copy for his mother.

The books are available at the following:

Indigo/Coles Books