Beach should remain public says reader

To the Editor:

Saugeen Shores council is considering a proposal that would commercialize the entire main Port Elgin beach area between Green and Elgin St. This is a public private partnership.
The developers are asking for a 50 year lease. Some of the things being considered are a Convention Centre, a viewing tower, a restaurant and retail space. The lack of opposition to this proposal from our elected officials to date is troubling.
I urge all people to educate themselves. is an excellent resource. I challenge all groups especially those within the area to get involved. Groups like the Chamber of Commerce, Business Improvrment Association, Labour Unions, Service Clubs, Fraternities and Sororities, Heritage and Environmental groups, etc. have yet to comment publicly.
Let’s all ensure our beach remains open to all residents and visitors for years to come and not commercialized for the profit of a few.
Jack Konings
Port Elgin