Lake Huron Fishing Club returns donation in support of COVID-19

In February of this year, the Lake Huron Fishing Club (LHFC) received $25,000 community sponsorship from Bruce Power for a Stream Rehabilitation project.
“However, in light of the current situation, and in response to Bruce Power’s call for community groups to re-direct sponsorship funds, the LHFC returned the $25,000 to Bruce Power for re-allocation to Covid-19 Pandemic needs,” says LHFC Treasurer Dave Myette.

Chris Mercanti, Manager of Community & Indigenous Relations, Corporate Affairs Bruce Power thanked the LHFC saying that Bruce Power was …

“Absolutely touched by the Lake Huron Fishing Club’s generous offer to return its $25K Bruce Power funding grant for 2020, so that it may be used as part of the company’s overall efforts with COVID-19 relief at the local level. This is an incredible show of generosity at a difficult time.  I’m hoping you can share our sincere appreciation with your board and senior members.  Once again, we thank them so much! This is a tremendous example of what can be accomplished when people pull together in challenging circumstances.