New Minister in town at Port Elgin United

“Port Elgin United is excited to welcome our new minister, Rev. Heather McCarrel. Many of the congregation had a chance to meet her during her first week and found her warm and ready to dive into life in our busy church,” said Dennis Kazimer (Chair Port Elgin United          Church Council).  Heather says she is impressed by the people of Port Elgin United Church. “They are organizing Strike Day Camps and helping the community in other ways while keeping the regular programs in place.”

When asked her thoughts about joining Port Elgin United, Rev. Heather said, “I am excited and grateful that the Holy Spirit called me to such an exciting and vibrant ministry.” Another thing that impressed her about Port Elgin United is how, on Sunday mornings, “… there is a connection with every generation present from the preschoolers and older children to their parents, grandparents and great grandparents.”

Rev. Heather has spent 20 years in Ministry throughout South West Ontario and comes to Port Elgin from Annan. She said one thing that drew her to Port Elgin United was that the church was willing to venture into new territory and to build a new church building, connect with the community and seek God’s call on how best to serve. Heather believes that “we need to live in the now, this moment, and that God will guide us to a flourishing future.”

   Dennis Kazimer (Chair of Port Elgin United            Church Council) officially welcomes Rev.                                Heather McCarrel

Rev. Heather has a passion for Children’s and Youth Ministry and will work with us to help grow these important parts of our church. She also believes that one of the vital roles of a church is to care for and visit people in need in the congregation whether in their homes or care centres or hospitals.

On Sunday, February 16th, Rev. Heather lead her first service with over 160 in attendance. She says “I was welcomed and felt at home. But I am sorry if I do not remember everyone’s names. The name tags help but there were just so many faces and stories.” Congregation members said that the entire service was unified, flowed smoothly and they felt comfortable with Rev. Heather from the start.