New Perspectives: Putting Down the Heavy – by Rev. Heather McCarrel

Photo by Andrei Tanase/Pexels

It has been a lot of heavy lifting lately:  worrying about the forest fires and those most affected, watching the war in Ukraine wondering how cruel can humans be to each other and listening to the news from our neighbors down south awed by how ridiculous it all can become.

Life has been full of commitments, meetings and deadlines. The days turned into weeks, the weeks became months and the months have flown by.  Life is too short to live at such a pace.

It is time for a holiday.  For two weeks my focus will be entirely on leisure. My cell phone and all its conveniences such as news feeds, text messages and email alerts, will be turned off.  I will be putting down the heavy stuff and traveling a lot lighter.

As French writer and philosopher, Albert Camus, writes, “Tame birds sing of freedom. Wild birds fly.”  For the next two weeks I plan on being as free and as light as a wild bird in flight.

May we all take time off from all our worries and lighten the load long enough to be refuelled and strengthened for the journey ahead.