Saugeen Shore Lifesaving Club continues to achieve great results

The Saugeen Shores Lifesaving Club (SSLC) recently attended the 2018 Provincial Waterfront
Championships at Bluffer’s Beach in Toronto where the Club participated in the following categories:

  • Junior category (ages 6 – 16) coming in 1st over all
  • Senior category (ages 16 +) coming in 3rd over all
  • Masters category (ages 25+) coming in 1st over all

The teams were led by Programmer Michael Hundt and Seasonal Coach Alanna Kozak. The
staff, athletes, and parents have worked hard this season achieving great results.

Saugeen Shores Lifesaving Club has been in existence since 2007 and grew to be included
in the Province’s top clubs in 2015.  It has had many successes over the years including
2015 National Pool Championships and, in 2014, had the Provincial sweep for all club
championships: Pool, Waterfronts and Lifeguards Junior and Senior divisions.

Since 2012,  the Club has had many athletes secure positions on the National Team for both Commonwealth and World Championships.

In November, three staff members will be heading to Australia to compete in the World Lifesaving Championships. These staff members have benefited from the fundamental programming and the excellent coaching provided by Michael Hundt and his staff.

Fundamental Programs have had an average of 250 participants per year since the fall
of 2013 and the number continues to grow. This continues to be a recommended program
and one that fills up every season.