The Event Horizon Project


Today, April 10th, Einstein Smiled.

Over a hundred years ago he postulated the constitution of space time and the universe.

Working for over ten years researchers revealed their work to the world exactly on time at 9pm April EST 10, 2010. There are excellent write-ups on the Internet. I’ve included a link to their YouTube press conference. It’s about an hour long. Please watch and marvel. It’s very well done.

Technology was used that a few years ago would have been impossible. The amount of data required is measured in Peta Bytes. Cloud computing was used as well as robotic-like sensors all over the world pointed at something that we see for the first time.

For the complete hour long press conference click the link below.

But, there is more to the story. Last June, I gave a lecture at the Bruce County Museum and 14 and more people came from the Perimeter Institute. One of the key developers of the Event Horizon project announced today is Avery Broderick. He came to the lecture. He is from the Perimeter Institute and the University of Waterloo. You will hear him talk at the press conference above.

Important sidebars of what you will hear and see are:

· We were able to see galaxy M87- the unseeable at 53 million light years away with 93 trillion stars.

· Total awe and surprise the world over..

· Black Holes are all about gravity.

· Adding more telescopes and using higher frequencies will improve the resolution by the square.

My point in mentioning Avery Broderick is to point out how important our Museum is. It, along with other areas of the campus. draws scientists, archaeologists, musicians and artists. The scientists came to see our community, our art, music and science.

Again, how can anyone block the placement of the Innovation Institute? Are the people doing so aware of what is going on in the universe? We can get cooperative projects with the Perimeter Institute on a global scale. We can support Aboriginal Studies working with PI. I’ve discussed this with the executives of the Perimeter Institute. They brought it up.

No telling what the Innovation Institute could do as part of a campus.

I’m going to go back to learning a new song that is apropos …

“Where are the Clowns? Send in the Clowns … well, maybe next year.”

Mike Sterling