The Tall Ship St. Lawrence II leaves Southampton with a new crew

The Tall Ship, St. Lawrence II left Southampton Harbour on Monday, July 19th, following a weekend layover and crew change.

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There are normally 24 people on board and 15 of them are students ages 13 -18 who are on a training camp to learn all about sailing, particularly a tall ship.

Each of the students had to learn proper safety harness techniques and how to climb the mast to the crow’s nest platform.

View from the top
  (L) Nathan Parsons of Newfoundland came for his 2nd sail, Lotus McAnsh of Ottawa and                                             Jenna McKay of Petrolia (Nathan’s cousin) (R)

The sailing training camp teaches teamwork as everyone aboard must follow orders and work with others.  The students come from across Canada, from Newfoundland to Vancouver, B.C. and Arctic Bay in Nunavut.

Nathan Parson’s mother said it’s his second time at the sailing camp.  “It is a life-changing experience,” she said.  “This is not like going away to camp.  It’s hard work and everyone has to do their part.”

Originally based out of Kingston, the ship had also been to Cleveland, Ohio before it arrived from Bayfield on Friday, July 15th and when it departed Southampton on Monday, it was bound for Tobermory on the Bruce Peninsula and then on to Killarney with the next destination in Midland where it will take part in the Tall Ships Festival weekend.