Time is running out for the Energy Savings Rebate Program

The Energy Rebate program for energy efficient appliances at Square Deal Neil’s in Southampton is coming to a close on March 31st.

Square Deal Neil's

“The program is of real benefit for our customers as it offers considerable savings when purchasing an energy efficient appliance,” says owner Edith Sinclair.  “The program has allowed us to pass on rebates of 25% off the purchase price of eligible products up to $500 for our customers. For many, it can be a real savings so now is the time to take advantage of it.”

Sinclair goes on to say that if anyone is thinking about a large energy-efficient appliance purchase, this program offered by the government is huge.  “The only stipulation is that an order must be placed and paid for in advance of the deadline of March 31st.  We may not have the appliance on-site but as long as we can order it and it’s paid for before the deadline, the rebate will be honoured.  We also advise customers however, not to wait until the last minute so that an order can be processed.”

Not all retailers were able to take advantage of the program as they had to meet eligibility criteria but Square Deal Neil’s is one of those retailers.

Some of the products that are part of the program are:

● ENERGY STAR certified washer
● ENERGY STAR certified dryer
● ENERGY STAR certified washer/dryer combo
● ENERGY STAR certified dishwasher
● CEE Tier 3 certified refrigerator and/or refrigerator freezer
Induction stove top

Visit Square Deal Neil’s at 240 Railway St. (Hwy. 21) in Southampton or phone 519-797-3905 for more information. 
*When visiting, ring the bell for entry to the showroom due to COVID restrictions.