Volunteers look to the future with optimism as Green Boutique closes

In December 2019, almost one year to date, the Green Boutique opened at Southampton United Church.

The concept was multi-purpose – to reduce our carbon footprint with an opportunity to purchase ‘second hand’ gently used items and reduce the ‘fashion waste’ that is filling our landfills.

It was also about creating personal style as opposed to being ‘trendy’ and buying off the rack as seasons change and it was also about searching for quality, classical clothes that last with time.

Women in the Church also recognized that there was a need in the community to be able to buy at reasonable costs.  From clothing to home decor, the Green Boutique became a popular weekly shopping excursion for many in the area.

It was only a few short months later however, that COVID-19 struck and, in March, the pandemic began to result in the closure of many businesses and not-for-profit organizations … and the Green Boutique became one of the many that experienced the fall-out.

          (L) Anne Marriott, Jean Beaton and Jeanne McDowall loaded vehicles with the treasures to be given                                                                                  to the Salvation Army

One year and five days after opening (Dec. 12/19), the Green Boutique saw its treasures from clothing and linens to books, shoes, boots, purses, dishes, kitchen items and Christmas decorations taken to the Salvation Army in Port Elgin.

Volunteers from the church worked to fill the many vehicles with the gently used items, that had been sitting and waiting for the possible re-opening of the Boutique but which was not to be.

Optimism reigns however as the volunteers say that they are looking forward to starting afresh and re-opening after COVID-19.