A tribute to a modest gentleman

Dear Editor:

Thank you for taking the editorial liberty of adding background details to the obituary of Gary Harron, January 24th (2023).
Mr. Harron’s contributions to the South Bruce community over the years were certainly noteworthy and highlighted by a term as Chairman of the Advisory Committee of the Town of South Bruce.
I was pleased to have numerous chats with the bigger-than-life, outwardly jolly gentleman in recent years and I came to refer to him as Mayor of Elsinore, the location of his extensive cattle farm of which he was extremely proud (including his landmark paved laneway).
He served as President of the Angus Association of Canada in 1996, a post to be held by his cattle ranch daughter, Tammi Ribey, a decade later (first ever father and daughter to be named to that esteemed position).
Gary was modest about his achievements in life, but I am sure he would appreciate this acknowledgement.
Dick Wright