All Grey Bruce nursing homes and hospitals now have colourful surgical caps

From Markdale to Hanover, Chatsworth to Wiarton and Southampton to Lions Head, as of today, May 26th, the many volunteers who created colourful surgical scrub caps will have completed shipping to all nursing homes and hospitals in Grey Bruce.

Hanover nurses, diagnostic imaging staff and hospital greeter
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They don’t however, see their work as over.  They will continue replenishing over the next year in smaller numbers with each volunteer being asked to make six or seven caps.
The group also recently received a donation to purchase buttons that are very specific in that they have to be the size of a quarter (.25c).


Gateway Haven Wiarton celebrates 50 Years
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Organizer, Rev. Darlyne Rath, said that, “We are not stopping making them – we are just slowing a bit – there isn’t that great push. There are a few still coming in and we will finish them up and send them out.  What a team. It’s an incredible project. The final tally to date – with many more still to come in – 2,159 surgical scrub caps distributed!  Incredible!”