Curlers battle it out in Super Spiel for top prize money

The competition was intense at Port Elgin’s Super Spiel XXXVII Saturday. John Willsey of Waterloo, Mark Bice of Sarnia and Rob Retchless of Toronto emerged from their respective pools with perfect 4 and 0 records. Other rinks that qualified for Sunday’s playoffs included, Wayne Tuck of Strathroy against Cory Heggestead of Stroud, Damien Villard of Cambridge against Retchless, Pat Ferris of Grimsby against Bice and Dave Ellis of Toronto against Willsey.

They were all on the ice at 9:00 am. with the following results:
Cory Heggestad defeated Wayne Tuck 8-3

John Willsey defeated Dave Ellis 4-3
Mark Bice defeated Pat Ferris 7-2
Damien Villard defeated Rob Retchless 6-5 in an extra end
Semi-finals @ noon
Willsey vs Bice
Heggestad vs Villard
The semi-finals go at noon and the final is at 3:00 pm. Spectators are invited to watch as some of the best curlers in Ontario battle it out for top prize money.