Driver escapes unhurt as truck flips on its side

A semi-truck driver was lucky to escape unhurt when his truck slid off the road and landed on its side on Wednesday evening.

The truck had left the recycling depot in Southampton yesterday, Wednesday, January 8th and was en-route to Bruce Rd. 3 when his vehicle left the road.

It is not known what circumstances caused the truck to slide off but, in speaking with a former long-haul truck driver, he said that once a truck of that size, especially one carrying a load starts a slide into a ditch it’s hard to stop.  “We are talking some 80,000 lbs. or so here and when it starts to go, there isn’t much you can do and the weight momentum will cause it to flip.”

According to the Toronto tow truck driver, the truck was carrying a full load of recyclable materials.

A specialty tow truck was dispatched from Toronto but it, too, was unable to lift the vehicle on Thursday and had to wait for further assistance.

Saugeen Shores Public Works Department has closed the road and it remains unusable as of noon today (Jan. 9).

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