Eby’s Barber Shop carries on a century of tradition

During the past 18 months of the COVID pandemic, many businesses including barbers and hairdressing salons have suffered as clientele have been unable to use their services.

For more than 125 years however, Eby’s Barber Shop in Port Elgin cut the hair of generations through depression years, war time and modern times and a pandemic wasn’t about to stop the tradition.

During one of the first pandemic lockdowns, Eby’s Barber Shop in Port Elgin took advantage of downtime, moved from their Goderich Street location and created a new venue turning part of their home into a full service barber shop.

Over the past weeks, some such as Saugeen Shores Vice-Deputy Mayor Mike Myatt, were relieved to get rid of ‘locks’ that had grown over the months of shut-down.

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Mayor Luke Charbonneau was not alone as his three sons joined him for their ‘summer’ haircuts.

   Mayor Charbonneau watches as barber Blair Eby ‘trims’ son Ben’s hair