Farm to Table Fall fundraiser sold-out in support of playground

Although it started out a rainy day, Mother Nature cooperated for the fourth annual Farm to Table event on Saturday, September 7th (2019) clearing skies for the ‘al fresco’ dining event.

The fundraiser, hosted by Hi-Berry Farm and the Wismer House in Port Elgin, has become one of the most sought-after tickets for the sold-out dinner.

         Chef Randy Felker (R)

With farm fresh vegetables provided by Hi-Berry, gourmet chef Randy Felker creates decadently delicious dishes.  This year there was the traditional charcouterie board with a variety of meats and cheeses to begin, followed by Amuse-bouche of savoury tomato jam, triple creme Brie with rosemary tomato panko.  Then it was time for the appetizer of grilled cream corn with smoke duck and a salad of charred Hungarian peppers with shaved fennel and orange infused Greek yogurt.  As if that wasn’t enough, the entree was mouth-watering charcoal roasted pork loin with Parmesan polenta, green beans and sunflower pesto.  To top it off, dessert was roasted strawberry corn shortcake in minted honey, all fresh from Hi-Berry.

Completing the ambiance was the Charlie Bell Quartet with the Cowbell brewery providing a variety of beers and the Wismer House the wines.  For those who didn’t want to drive the S. S. Trolley was available taking diners to and from the event.

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                        Jeff Carver, owner of the Wismer House, with the S. S. Trolley
    These ladies made serving seem effortless …. (L-R) Lauren Gibbons, Paige Auer,                       Anna Coceancic,Tanya Tsatsos, Geneva Yu and Kathy Cameron

The 110 diners who attended came out in support of the new playground that is to be built at the Lamont Sports Complex.  As yet, a total raised has not been determined but, rumour has it, that between the 2018 dinner and this year’s event, some $10,000 will have been raised.