Gran Fondo route change to use new Rail Trail section

We are excited to announce that we have made an improvement to the route for this year’s ride.
We have replaced the busy roads section from Thedes Farm to Doll Side Rd that previously went along Bruce Road 3. Instead, we will head towards Port Elgin from Thedes Farm and take the vehicle free and newly paved rail trail within Port Elgin!
A big thank you goes out to Saugeen Shores for supporting this change. More details will be found in this year’s ride guide and in the pre-ride briefing.
The rest of the route remains unchanged for those who are returning from last year’s event. See you at the start line everyone!
Updated maps can be found below:

With only 30 days to go, the Gran Fondo Lake Huron is quickly approaching and registration is climbing quickly. Sign up today and don’t miss out on the event of the summer!