Grey Bruce Labour Council Executives acclaimed

February 2020 was the last time that the Grey Bruce Labour Council (GBLC) Delegates met and were invited to meet in person. Since that very day the labour council has been, with the support of the labour council executive, delegates, members and friends of labour, led effectively and vigorously by President Kevin Smith.

The Grey Bruce Labour Council has been a clear and loud voice for workers in our region while experiencing the same uncertainty that all of us have undergone as a result of the global pandemic. Smith has kept the council an active, operational and cohesive entity, continuing the relentless battle to prevent the gross and profound erosion of the rights of workers that profiteering corporations and regressive governments at all levels and their allies have undertaken while vast swaths of society have been subject to the tragedy and vulnerability associated with a virus that has devastated so many.

(L – Clockwise) Karen Gventer (Trustee), Kevin Smith (President), Andrea Graham (Trustee), Anna Morrison (Sergeant at Arms), Gord Cale (Treasurer), Gogi Bhandal (CLC Staff), Amy Stephen (Secretary), Dave Trumble (VP-Bruce County), Chris Stephen (VP-Grey County)

In a very clear endorsement of this leadership, Smith, the labour council executive and the trustees were installed at the February 28th meeting by acclamation. Smith and the executive have all been returned. The trustees, all acclaimed, sees only one change of three.

“Workers in our region should feel proud of the work the Labour Council does and certain of the commitment as the executive combines over one-hundred years of cumulative experience in helping workers, voicing the needs of workers and leading the struggle against those that would turn the pandemic into the greatest takeaway of the rights of workers in more than a generation – going back to the horrific days of the Harris Tories!” says Smith.