Group appears to feel it has special privilege, time to stop it says reader

To the Editor:
It is extremely disappointing that the Nuclear Innovation Institute plan has changed.
Since I was born and lived here in Southampton my entire life, I can relate to Bill Streeter’s comments regarding the early growing and changing of the town. I have read the letters to the editor on this subject, and kudos to Mike Sterling and many others for their positive words of support.
This project should be moving forward.
I can adjust to change and prosperity, obviously there are a few who cannot. They are in their own little bubble with a fear of change or progress which will benefit the entire community not just them!  They seem to feel they have special privilege and resist anything anytime as long as they get their way. It is only their thought that matters.
They are a part of the anti-nuclear faction. Yes, it is a proven fact there is one. Is this project part of the NIMBY gang rearing its head again?  How long have they lived here? Where did they come from?
Nuclear was here before they were and has been a definite asset to the area. Why do we cater to special interest groups or individuals? It is time to stop!
When growing up, we were taught to show respect to people. That has gone by the way-side.  To the radicals who created havoc at the open house meeting, you are a bunch of self serving arrogant fools!
Why would anyone take a whistle to and use it at the meeting?  Reason being was all predetermined to create chaos! You are a total disgrace to the community!
Do they speak for other citizens?  These people are by no means an asset to this town. They are a detriment/cancer to advancement.
I can not imagine why anyone would want their help on anything. You certainly do not speak for me.
It’s time to stand up and be a positive influence on the community as a whole.
Jerry Burrows