Innovation Institute is a vision that will span generations says Port Elgin BIA

Dear Editor,
On behalf of the Port Elgin BIA Board of Management, I am writing to express our unwavering support for the Nuclear Innovation Institute to be located in Saugeen Shores.
The opportunity to have an institution of this magnitude located in our community is not something to be taken for granted, or worse, dismissed for superficial and trivial concerns. What we are discussing, rather, what is at stake, is the chance to develop, alongside Bruce Power, a centre of learning, innovation, technology and resources that will provide an already great community with the potential to be so much more than simply the sum of its parts. 
We should be clear, this conversation must be framed accordingly as this is not just about business and jobs, it is more than just education and innovation, and it is certainly more than a building and traffic. The Nuclear Innovation Institute is about a vision, a vision that has the potential to create a better future that spans generations, a place where people come together to create and advance solutions for complex problems that face our world. 
So here we are, attempting to salvage the opportunity to create something for ourselves and for the young people who live among us; a chance to create a centre of excellence that will allow people from different disciplines, from different cultures and nationalities an opportunity to share their skills and knowledge, to find a home and raise their families right here in Saugeen Shores. 
It is a privilege to be in a position to ask Bruce Power to please reconsider our Town as the best possible location for the Nuclear Innovation Institute. As residents, as business people, as members of this great community, we want to be part of making this grand vision a reality. We want to part of the process, and we want this world class facility to be in Saugeen Shores.
Thank you,
Jeff Carver
Chair of the Port Elgin Board of Management